NPPA First place in spot news!

Last August we had some crazy weather here in Albuquerque.  It seemed everywhere I went there was some weather related story as it happened one amazing Friday evening when it rained so hard in such a short amount of time near downtown that it made for some dramatic images including the following of a man hanging on to a trash can to keep from being washed away as he looked at a flash flood  headed his way.  I've attached a short video I shot as well to give you a sense of how powerful the downpour was.  The second photo was of a homeless man who was caught in another flash flood as he slept in a dry city arroyo but was quickly washed away with the massive current flowing downwards after heavy rains fell in the foothills.  Luckily for him a witness managed to see him get swept away and called 911. I've also attached a shaky video to give you an idea of how he was saved by rescue personnel from Albuquerque's Fire Department who are trained in such types of rescue.  NPPA chose these photos as first place for spot news in region no.8.   

Pictures of the Year 2013

Just a few photos to summarize the past year. Looking forward to another.  Most if not all images were taken with either a NIKON D600 or FUJI XPRO1 camera.